HEDVIG, Scarf in Thin Linen


Scarf in Thin Linen

Length: 230 cm
Width: 32 cm

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Material & Care
• 100% linen, made in Lithuania by Siulas.
• Manufactures in accordance with REACH and EU standards without harmful chemicals.
Light linen with a lively surface that has been prewashed. Perfect for a casual stylish dress.
• Does not shrink.
• Linen is an ideal material because it repels dirt. A gentle wash at 30-40 degrees and a light spin are enough, as the flax fiber is hard and the product gets wrinkles with too hard turns. It is good to iron the linen from the wrong side, through a damp cloth or using plenty of steam. As a tip for storage or on a trip, it is a good idea to roll the linen garment to avoid creases.
• This garment is designed and made in Finland


Blue, Smoke, Night, Moss, Beach, Snow


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